Cathedral Commons

Apartments at St.Paul's

This 4-story 10,500 square foot historic structure has been owned by St. Paul's Cathedral of Buffalo since it was initially constructed in 1896, with the land being part of their downtown Campus since 1845. Schneider Architectural was selected to provide all services from documentation of the existing building, through construction documents and construction administration. Special design attention was involved in the engineering of the new elevator through the center of the existing building. This was done adjacent to the existing open stair well and improved circulation and provided accessibility to some of the units.

Schneider Development was retained by St. Paul's to convert the vacant former parish house into a mixed property, featuring 7 apartments and a small first floor commercial office space. Upon completion, the structure will be owned and operated by St. Paul's. This will be the first project where Schneider Development has performed 3rd party developer services from concept to completion.

The project required extensive coordination with the Episcopal Diocese, approvals from the State Supreme Court, and coordination with the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Parks Service.